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Bottom line is that the guy they came for is in custody. The guy that attacked them is on the ground. The officer who made that head shot did a fantastic job. I would agree that the car could have easily been checked.
Ah, the wonders of omniscient hindsight! Maybe the car could have been checked, maybe not. What about the other car? Other truck? Bed of the truck? Behind the vehicles? Up in the tree? Roof of the house?

From the video shown, there were a lot of places that a person could have been secreted in the yard. Could all of them be "easily checked" by the officers whilst still doing their job? Could the three officers be checking all nooks and crannies while covering one another (which they should also be doing) and still trying to make contact with the obvious suspect on the porch?

And when I see three plainclothes police officers wearing ballistic vests and rushing a house, the first thought that enters my mind is NOT that they are there for tea and scones.
Walking up to the house is now considered to be rushing it?
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