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Post #53; SEAL VI/DevGru...

Post 53 makes a valid point which is why elite units like ISA, ACE, HRT, BORTAC, DevGru(also known as SEAL Team 6) etc stress selection & training so much.

After the Trident Spear mission in 2011, much media spin was made about the elite SEALs of SEAL Team 6 aka: DevGru or Development Group(a unit name the Navy & SOCOM has modified again).
One of the few selection elements of DevGru made public was how photos of all new unit selectees were placed in a long hallway, SEALs & officers in the unit would walk down & pick who they knew or would think could do well in DevGru.
These tier one level units train constantly and get the best weapons/equipment they can. They plan & train hard because all the members know it's a split second movement or act that can be the difference in some spec ops missions.

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