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Originally Posted by Jammer Six
The specific harm is, as I've stated before, that it promotes the stereotype that women are not capable of learning to shoot in a class that includes men, as well as the stereotype that women are not as good at learning shooting because, to use your categorization, shooting is "masculine".
Ah, but it does neither of these, according to the first-hand observations of many experienced teachers who have posted here:
Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
I've taught both, men and women over the years, by far ladies are more responsive and make better students. They don't have the pre-conceptions or egos that men have.
Originally Posted by sfmedic View Post
Given clear instruction women are no different then men and they are certainly no less capable.

what I do see are the guys being idiots around women all the time.
Originally Posted by pax View Post
A lot of times, women don't even realize they have those questions until you get them into a group of like minded others -- and then all at once, all these amazing, thoughtful and thought provoking questions and ideas start flying all over the room.
Originally Posted by Madcap Magician View Post
As other instructors have noted, if I can get them away from their husbands, many novice female shooters will outshoot their 'experienced' spouses because they actually listen and don't start from the mistaken belief that they know everything already.
Originally Posted by pax View Post
If there's an ethical aspect to women only classes, there it is: we can work hard to get people the training they need in a format they want, or we can ignore what they want and they will never get the training they need... hm.
I've quoted, above, some firsthand observations of how women benefit, which also tend to refute your statements about stereotyping. I specifically asked you to provide an answer that didn't rely on an unsupported assertion about stereotypes, but that showed particular ways that women-only classes do more harm than good, by providing examples and using them to support some sort of analysis.
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