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Jammer, I think you are using "ethics" in place of "Political Correctness".

My dictionary defines ethics as standards of right or wrong, a pattern of behavior and morality.

So, is it morally right or wrong to teach females separately from men? Objectively it is not wrong, as long as the training opportunity is the same.

Is it PC to teach them separately?
No, if you believe that men & women learn alike, have the exact same motor skills, upper body strength, and come to class with the same level of background knowledge. PC demands that everyone be treated alike, even when there are physical differences. PC wants equal outcomes, rather than equal opportunities.

You seem to resist the concept that in a free society, women (and men) should be allowed to choose what type of class and instructor they should attend.

Now, if we were to compel women to attend a separate class than men, that would be wrong. Or if the course content differed in a material way, that too is objectively wrong. But how many men would want to learn about the use of the bra holster? How many women want to know about the "Weeping Eye" holster ?

Ultimately, we should be a meritocracy, where people are judged solely on their merit, not by their gender, or any other irrelevant factor. When I needed help, I wanted a competent officer to back me, without regard to their gender, height, weight, etc. etc.

PC kills, putting guns into the hands of the incompetent. Teach to a valid standard, with a valid objective minimum achievement level. Provide assistance to those who need it, but never ""adjust"" the standard to insure enough of the "right numbers" of the "right people" qualify.
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