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Originally Posted by Jammer Six
. . . .I would also say that a class that only teaches shooting is more ethical when viewed from the viewpoint of instructing-- you can use precious minutes (and they are precious) to deliver a lecture on bra "holsters" or you can run one more type of drill, and teach your students one more thing about hitting the target and winning the fight. Personally, I can start teaching the instant we're all present, and teach as fast as the students can keep up for as long a time as is available and never teach anything except another drill, another method or another way to hit the target and win the fight. Then we can turn the lights out and do it all over again in the dark. Or with one hand. Or with a jammed weapon. . . . .
I would say that a class that only teaches shooting is more ethical than other types of instruction if, and only if, that is the kind of class for which the students have paid. If they have paid for a class on "General Introduction to Concealed Carry," then spending a few of those precious minutes on various types of holsters, including bra holsters, is entirely appropriate. If students have paid for a general introduction class, the instructor who refused to teach anything except shooting is the unethical one.

Originally Posted by Jammer Six
. . . . If women are held to the same standards in separate classes that men are, then the classes do nothing academically other than serving to reinforce the idea that those women need (or desire) a separate class. Frank has gone so far as to imply that there are women who will come to class if it's separate and won't come to class if it's mixed. He's reiterated those statements, in case anyone missed them the first time. In spite of his statements laying out the basis of the stereotype, there are those who still insist it's not a stereotype. . . . .
I'll go beyond implication. I'll state for the record that I believe that there are women out there who would rather have NO training than have to sit through a day with a bunch of sweaty, smelly, blowhard men who are 40 pounds overweight and claim to be high-speed, low-drag "operators." I can't say that I blame them, either. I'm not real thrilled with the prospect of spending a day with those kinds of turkeys, either. There is absolutely nothing unethical about offering a class exclusive to women.
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