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Well FrankenMauser just a little clarity concerning what I commented prior. Absolutely no critiquing will you read.
The range lead (raw material) I've gotten in the past always came with bullet jackets & un-burnt powder and what ever else ended up in the bullet back stop catcher trays. Spent more time scooping junk off the top of my furnace with so little lead melt then it was worth in my time and/or electricity to heat. I have no qualms with anyone who wants to smelt raw range lead. It's just that I don't care too. As far as buying soft lead or W/W material. I have two trusted sellers I've purchased from in the past and both are quite popular with the fellows over on the Cast Boolits site.
I guess in all the years I've been casting. As an old geezer I'd rather take a road that's perhaps a little less troublesome when it comes to my casting sessions. I'll leave that hard work of smelting (raw) range lead to those younger fellows who have the patience too give it a try.

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