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I lived and hunted in a state for a while that allowed rifles for turkeys in the fall. The .22 lr was universally recognized as to small, the .22 mag borderline. The 5mm rimfire came and went, and some guys used it as a turkey rifle. The 17's were not on the market.

What was popular was the old .22 Hornet, the .218 Bee, and the 25-20.

Biggest turkey I ever killed had a .22 hole low in the breast bone. Some migrant tree planters got caught the year before, shooting at birds in the open on our lease. After their work day was done, they'd ride around on our roads sniping at birds. That got very ugly. The guys running the crews finally took to searching their vans before they left in the AM. This old bird likely survived an encounter with the tree planters.
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