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Wanted to give you guys a semi update.

I attained 300 more rounds of 5.56 and went to the range and decided to put some more 5.56 down the pipe before I try some more 223. I also found that my gun as pretty dry after a few rounds (was using CLP) so I tried some Lucas gun oil and my bolt was still wet after a bit of shooting, which was nice. I decided to try to fire a few single rounds of 223 to make sure the bolt locked back and it passed that test a few times in a row with no problems. I did not load a mag full of 223 yet but I plan on doing that on my next range trip because like I said, I wanted to throw some more 5.56 to fix any "break in" issue if thats in fact what it was. I have some different 223 ammo on the way and I intend on trying that ammo and my existing PMC Bronze 223 ammo to see if the bronze really is too weak as people have reported that PMC bronze 223 ammo is weaksauce.

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