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Posts: 392 is a good place to start.

Available there are: remaining inventory of the discontinued Nitrex line of scopes.....still some 3-9x42 TR1 priced from $100 to 130. Nitrex and Weaver both owned by same company....Nitrex TR1/TR2 scopes made in same Japanese plant with basically same internal/optics of Weaver Grand and Super Slams. Nitrex are priced well under 1/2 price of Weaver. Nitrex warranty handled by Weaver.

Also at Natchez are the Weaver 40/44 aspherical lens scopes, priced from $110 to 130. Scope is made in Philippines with good clear optics in them. They are priced at least $50-70 lower than they should sell for.

Also at Natchez are some Simmons ProHunter scopes that are worth a look. Priced from $70 to 90. These are all models discontinued by Bushnell when it bought Simmons from Meade. Own several of these scopes and all are on centerfire rifles. Decent glass in them and none of mine have given me any problem......some I've used for up to 3 years now.

At Graf and Sons, they still show the BSA Majestic DX Hunter 6-24x44 SF for about $90......others sell it for around $140. Have 4 of these scopes, again on centerfire rifles. Decent quality optics and once again, no complaints about how mine function.

I'm a member of a private shooting club and enjoy spending 3 or so hours there one or two days a week. Normally take 3 or 4 rifles to shoot when I go. Own all the scopes I've suggested and all have seen a fair number of rounds fired with them mounted.
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