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I would've agreed with the OP until recently. I've owned a bunch of Uberti's since the first in 1986. They have all been good guns and they've improved them markedly in the last ten or so years. Bought a pair of Pietta 1860's 7yrs ago and while I thought they were a good value, they were a measurably step down from Uberti quality. That said, they've never given me any trouble. For the last few years I've been hearing about how good the new Pietta guns were and was very skeptical. All that went by the wayside when I got a new 1851 London earlier this year. This sixgun is beautifully finished, has a smooth action with a decent trigger. It is easily as good as any of my Uberti guns and better than the 1849 Pocket I got at Christmas. I think the gap is a thing of the past.
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