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Very accurate rifles have been made with all sorts of stock material. Some were stiffer than others. The only ones I've heard of that caused problems were the early synthetic ones used on match conditioned M1, M14 and M1A rifles.

It's normal that a match rifle will lay horizontally on a shooting stool top between fired matches. The sun light/heat beating down on them warms up their sunny side much moreso than their shady side. That expanded the synthetic more on hot side of the stoc, Which bent the stock enough that zero's would change; the stock's fore end ferrule pushed the barrel's lower band with more force actually bending it a tiny bit out of a normal position. Wood stocks of maple, walnut, even birch, solid and laminated never had this issue.

This never happened with bolt guns whose barrels were totally free floated and only their receiver was epoxy bedded in the stock. Any stock bending from temperature differences from side to side were not enough to bend the receiver any amount to noticably cause a zero shift.

As long as any synthetic stock's rigid enough or has enough clearance between barrel and fore end so when the fore end bends when holding it to shoot, or from temperature differences across it, the barrel does not touch the stock.
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