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Ahoy Dakota,

Your picture does not show the left side of the gun, does your middle finger touch your lower thumb... the closer it is, the smaller the gap, the better the grasp (purchase). I'm guessing it does not, life should be easier with a single stack, ie a 1911 Spartan (with slim grip panels).

Don't feel too bad, I can't shoot CZs well at all, tried the standard pistol and a race gun version (vertical trigger, big magwell, custom sights, etc), shot near identical 2" groups with both at 7 yards, do the same with Berettas, Glocks, HKs, and with Rohrbaughs its more like 4" groups. Don't know why. Colts, Sigs and S&Ws shoot sub-1" groups for me. So I just sell/trade-in the guns that I can't shoot well.

Years ago you could shoot lots of ammo and take weeks figuring out what was wrong, today you can't find any ammo.

Even so... despite the difficulties you've encountered, you may find the CZ shoots great for you, and then it becomes a keeper, if not, there's always a handgun that is a natural shooter for you, (you just have to find it) ie the Sig P239 SRT, a single stack 9mm with 11 round capacity, a tack driver.

Best to you.
For 20 years the sea was my home, always recall the sun going down, and my trusty friend, a 1911 pistol, strapped to my side.
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