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I never have seen the gorilla pic, that would be a turnoff for me. Seems like I recall a warthog though.

Regards twist rate, the 1-38" is about half what revolvers use. I really doubt the tube models would do very well with the big slugs. Heck, mine don't really like 240's!. And 265's were horrific. But, I suppose there's always the possibility in another rifle.

I looked in Boyd's, the only .44 stocks I could find were for laminated stocks, not "synthetic". (to me there's a difference) Some years back I found a site that was selling a fiberglass stock for the old .44's, the outfit was up in Alaska as I remember.

If you like iron sights, I can't say enough good things about the XS sights. Tough, all steel, visible.........not really cheap though.
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