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I have bought ammo in the past 6 months or so, but I wait until it comes in stock at pre panic or close to it prices. I mainly reload, and I guess that is the benefit of living in a very small area, I find primers,powder, and even factory ammo at normal prices. The only ammo I cannot find at normal prices and will not buy is 5.56. I recently even bought 5k rounds of .22lr at pre panic price. I run through between 1-2k of .22lr a month... My LGS got 2 cases of CCI Blazer 525 rd. bulk in, they sold it for $19.99 each bulk pack. I think it was $17.99 before Sandy Hook at the same store.

I agree about not paying panic prices, but people will not stop. I watched a guy sell 17,000 rounds of .22lr outside a gun show (sitting on the back of his truck) at $75 per 500 brick. He completely sold out in just under a day and a half. I wait until MidwayUSA or Graf & Sons etc gets stock in and try to catch it there, since for the most part they aren't price gouging it. It will be a while before the ammo scene calms down. Just advise everyone to not panic and get on the notify lists for the ammo you want from Midway USA and wait. Sometimes you have to be pretty quick to catch it in stock, but at their prices it is worth it.
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