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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
It COULD work. But I'm inclined to agree with you that it WON'T work. People will continue to hoard, and pay huge prices. But it really is up to you guys what the price is.
It WILL work eventually. The Free Market just takes a little time. Folks with some common sense (and/or foresight) never engaged in the panic at all. I personally haven't purchased anything ammo related since well before the panic, except maybe a box of Nosler bullets, I can't remember when I got them.

Anyhow, the hoarders will run out of money, those purchasing to sell to the hoarders will get stuck with a bunch of ammo, the hoarders will get their credit card bills and there will be a flood of ammo and AR-15s on the market, which they'll list for what they paid, find out no one will pay it and the market will correct the prices.

It just takes time. Be the ant, not the grasshopper.
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