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I think the whole economics of things will eventually catch up and people will be forced to slow down. Last I checked the economy still isn't in great shape. Some people paid some really stupid prices for ARs and AR mags just to watch it drop right back down to almost where it was before Sandy Hook. People who are hoarding ammo cannot continue to sustain their buying, especially if they are over-paying significantly. I doubt they are paying these prices just to go blow them off at the range. There will be a certain percentage who can afford to do that, but most people who don't reload (myself included), have cut down on going to the range. While I have a decent stockpile that I have accumulated over the years, I am hesitant to blow through that stash since it is much harder to replace and much more expensive too. When the credit card bills start rolling in and the safes build up some "safety stock", people will stop buying, or at least slow down significantly.
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