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I just find it appalling that it took something of this magnitude to wake up the major media outlets to the fact that the current Administration does some questionable things.
I very highly doubt that the media's "wake up" had much to do with a sudden revelation about the character of the administration. Instead, I think that it probably had more to do with the fact that if the administration were allowed to get away with the IRS and AP scandals, that would set very dangerous precedents for the future.

For example, if we let the IRS get away with targeting conservative groups now, what happens when the shoe is on the other foot and, under a conservative administration, the same agency begins targeting liberal groups on purely political grounds?

Likewise, if the media gives the administration a pass on the AP scandal now, how could they retain credibility when they go after a conservative administration for doing the same thing later.

Basically, I think everyone understands that such egregious abuses of power cannot be swept under the rug because, if for no other reason, it would make one look (and rightly so) like a whiny hypocrite when they take issue with another administration doing the same thing in the future.
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