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I live in the "free state" of Arizona, have my CCW and sometimes I semi-OC my handgun, usually in ,u truck. If I stop at a store tat says no guns, I go elsewhere. If I'm going to an un posted store or other business and there is no sign, I remove my gun and put it in my pocket. (S&W M60) I do it out of courtesy to those who either are anti-gun and looking for an arguement and so as to not possibly disturb others who may be uncomfortable at the sight of my firearm. I mean why look for a confrontation? My hat does say NRA on it and sometimes I get a rude comment. I gently try to talk them into looking at the 2nd ASmendment in another way. They never even know that I'm armed. I've actually change a few people's minds when they know all the historical facts.
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