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I haven't seen the RAR bolt face, but there might be some problems with opening up the bolt face. The extractor might not work properly and require a lot of work to get it functioning properly. Not to mention with the detachable magazine may not be able to handle the magnum case, and the rails and possibly feed ramp would need reworked to have it feed properly as other than a single shot. There is a lot of work needed other than just opening up a bolt face to make it work as a magnum cartridge.

Originally Posted by reynolds357
I dont think the American's design can stand magnum cartridges. I think they will have to add a recoil lug, but I could be wrong.
The RAR has plenty of recoil lugs, they are just built into the stock and not the action. So I'm pretty sure the design will hold up to the magnum cartridge. Tikka's and the Savage Axis are two that handle magnum cartridges that have the recoil lug built into the stock as well.
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