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My Savage 10BA shoots .5 MOA from 100-400 yards on a good day. Just last weekend, my son put 3 through one hole at 100! Point being, it's darn accurate with a good load.

He did his 1st 1,000 yard F class in Feb. When I looked at his score on his best relay (he's 14 but does well for his age) I figured the group for 20 rounds was around 30". And that was with a 10 MPH wind end of the day.

My son was paired at the last match with a world class shooter and he was scoring (name withheld) and if I recall, they shot mostly 10's, 5 X's and one 9. This is a person that often shoots a perfect 200 score. That would be nowhere close to .5 MOA and this was literally a world class shooter.
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