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Unfortunately, many of the people I see practicing OC are Wally World commandos: full camo, large handguns in holsters with little if any retention capability, lots of swagger and loud talk. Their attitude seems to be, "I do this because I can, and if you don't like it, what are you going to do about it?" These people are not helping our cause.
Seriously? I have NEVER seen one person in Virginia, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, or Texas (long gun only) acting like that while open carrying. I think it is highly likely you are applying your own thoughts to their actions and, in particular, their attitude.

I have yet to see anything positive come from the OC movement, yet I cited one example where a right exercised was a right lost.


California comes to mind.
What an absolutely disingenuous response! California was lost long ago and the silly rules governing open carry made it very clear to anyone doing so that they did so at the pleasure of the legislature. The gun had to be fully unloaded and was subject to search. In Virginia, which honors its constitution, the gun and open carrier are NOT subject to search. They are strictly protected against police officers exceeding their authority.

We also know that the California legislature saw open carry as a "problem" that needed to be fixed. How in the world can an honest man believe that there is a right to keep and bear arms in California and then turn around and argue in a public forum that the right was lost there?

From a public point of view, you aren't going to sway pro-gunners or anti-gunners one way or another. It's the people in the middle.
That is also incorrect. The "people in the middle" vote for any of a hundred "issues" and don't vote the level solely based upon where a politician stands on the right to keep and bear arms. They vote because they like the person, that person advocates for their pet agenda, or most likely, because the candidate is on Team R or Team D. Neither of us has any idea how open carry affects votes because it has not been studied (if it does, please provide me with a link because I would like to review it). Open carry is such a minor issue in the minds of "the middle" that it doesn't even register. Most people in open carry states have no idea they can even open carry!

Back on topic:

How does this work for those that do? What kind of response do you get? Do you go to house parties, dinner parties etc. while open carrying? Are you single, married? Do you live in rural areas, the country, or suburbia... downtown? Has anyone 'freaked out' on you? Harassed by the police? Told to leave a restaurant, store etc.? How do you incorporate this into your daily lives....
The infrequent instances in which I open carried have resulted in nearly zero response. Waitresses do not notice or care. People in the store tend not to notice, though I may get a few looks here and there. Occasionally, someone will come up and talk about it. I carry a little card by Ed on or VCDL's small wallet bill that presents the issue and provides citations.

As for "tactics", it's really a wash. There's not enough data either way to say there is a tactical advantage or disadvantage. We do know that uniformed police officers are not shot daily for open carrying, wearing uniforms, or otherwise driving around terrible neighborhoods. We also know that many people open carrying are not attacked by criminals. There are a few instances either way. My last count as of 2012 was even up. Maybe there have been a few more robberies of OC'ers or maybe there have been more crimes deterred, but we don't really know either way.

It's best to just carry however you wish to do so within the legal framework of your state.

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