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If your trigger finger is too short for the gun, there's an after market trigger, without the curve in it, that can help. It's more straight up and down.
Be careful about straight triggers. The only straight triggers I've seen (or used) have come from CZ and are designed for the SINGLE ACTION ONLY models. Those triggers won't allow the mechanism to reset properly when they're installed in a DA/SA model.

IF someone has found a straight trigger that shortens the pull in a DA/SA gun (but still allow it to function as a DA gun), it'd be a good thing. I'm skeptical, however.

The trigger from the PCR (and the P-01) has MORE CURVE, and actually shortens the reach a bit. CAJUN GUN WORKS ( offers a kit that will greatly improve the trigger and another that shortens the pull.

If I were new to CZs, however, I'd wait a while before doing any major modifications -- the hammer spring swaps are good, though.

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