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I would prefer a 6.5X284 to an 6.5 x 06. Reasons being that they are commercially produced, bit faster, more accurate, and awesome high end factory brass is available from Norma And Lapua. I personally dont see the 06 as having enough advantage over the .270 to justify building one.
As an individual owning both, I have a couple of questions?

The 6.5 X 284 is faster? That is not my experience, based upon what? In my short action I have to load longer bullets deeper in the case and that encroaches on my powder capacity? I can get much faster velocities in my 6.5X 06.

More accurate? Again based upon what. For me I have only two rifles, so I have a N of 1.... It is hard to make an intelligent assessment of that. I find my 6.5X06 to be as accurate... possibly more accurate, but again I have an N of one.. What are you basing your experience on?

While I agree 6.4 X 284 brass is easily avaialbe. I promise I can make make 6.5 X 06 quickly and cheaper.

I own both. Both have their place. I find the 6.5 X 06 to be a pleasant, accurate cartridge that is easy to load for. I am happy with it out to 1000 yards!
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