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Bad memory maybe?

The 158 JHP Federal Ctg Co labeled 'Nyclad' was intended for safer indoor shooting with a steel back stop behind the paper target.

The idea was to prevent lead 'dust' as the soft swaged boolit hit the deflective steel back stop. The nylon coating prevented splatter dust, supposedly.

The low recoil and muzzle flash was a big attraction to the Officers who had to qualify with 'belly guns' and maybe were recoil/noise sensitive.

The reduced velocity/recoil/noise, no 'lead dust, soft lead, rapid expansion caught the attention of administrators.

Then, there was this rapid acceptance of semi-auto sidearms and ammunition interest specifically created for M-10 .38s didn't go far.

I buy it when I can. Although it isn't likely to go through an automobile door panel or slanted windscreen, its current replacement is in my Bride's Cobra.

The small arm vest penetrator cop killer mentioned earlier had a hardemed steel 'ring' that cut a cookie cutter channel. I think it was marketed as 'BAT', aka 'ballistic action trauma.' It was soon removed from distribution.

For civilians, it looked lto me like it'd make for a fun way to make a small dowel.

Bread and Circuses don't pay the Bills.

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