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For those curious I reviewed the rules for this section prior to posting this thread:

Discussions in this forum will be centered upon legal issues as they relate to the 2nd Amendment and other Civil Rights. Constitutional law (which would encompass separation of powers, the impairment of contracts clause, the full faith and credit clause, etc., as well as the Bill of Rights) will also be on topic.
I am not interested in discussing the personal worth of those involved or the politics (although the civil rights violations appear in one example to be politically motivated, and maybe the other). Since the media was victimized in one case and some civil rights groups in the other this thing is a fascinating crucible to see how it plays out.

Anyone who thinks that the Bill of Rights is not all in one place for a reason might want to examine that belief.

Here is the DAG response to the AP:

No explanation at all as to why they could not work through the agency.
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