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Wasting money on shotshell holders

Word of advise to other shotgun newbies around here...listen to the guys with experience. I'm been trying to figure out a way to have a good amount of defensive shotgun ammo on hand on or near the HD shotgun. So far I've purchased the buttstock shell holder that holds 9 rounds, a sling that holds 10 shells, a 56 round bandolier, and a little tackle box looking container that holds 50 rounds. Well, having now received all of those items, I have to say that the only one of real usefulness (in all but the most extreme of situations) is the buttstock shell holder (and I guess the little box will be good at the range). Otherwise the others are heavy, unwieldy, and cumbersome (things I should have known already, or researched beforehand), and most likely will see very little to no use. So a word to the wise, save some money by keeping it simple (and specific to your own realworld purposes), and don't get caught up in gimmicks (or Internest war game scenarios).

Just thought I'd share for those who are less inclined to waste money.

Edit to add: that I didn't buy all of these at once with the intention of filling them all up (because I thought I needed THAT much ammo). They were purchased one at a time in an attempt to rectify what I perceived as the inadequacies of each one's predecessor.
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