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ya brown bear is worthless for long rang accuracy i just find it fun when i need to demo stuff (blowing things up or Peirce metal) as its inexpensive and functions well

the only time i can do well is with the match grade ammo 180-170, a buddy of mine is reloading his, im thinking of trying his out , hes using 303 caliber bullets in his, says hes getting good groups.

i know my mosin dosnt like some of the talu or tapco... T something brand from russia , i got it at a gun show and i was horrid with it, and it jammed a lot...

man i wish i could do 400 yards my local range only goes to 300 , the only time i can go farther is at my uncles ranch, but we need to measure and start marking things to do that kind of shooting. i think the only time ive hit 400 was at a tournament on my m1a and thats my most accurate rifle i have

oh and hot mosin, i like how its all shiny O_O and polished looking, what scope are you using?
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