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Teaching a newbie

I'm planning on helping out a newbie next week, a young friend who has never shot a gun before. He's got the itch, and I want to make sure he knows what he's doing before going out and buying a gun. So, I'm going to take him to a range that has a large rental selection ( more than my normal range, they've got next to nothing ). My collection is oriented more towards SA types, and there are some calibers I don't have, thus, the range with more rental guns.
So my plan is:
Instruct him on the basic safety rules.
Show him different stances, and grips.
Remind him that this lesson is not about obsessing over hitting the bullseye, it's about becoming familiar with shooting guns.
Start him out with my Neos .22.
Move him to a .357 revolver with .38 specials on board.
go to a 9mm, his choice ( I know he loves the way the Beretta 92 looks ).
Then go to my 1911.
Along the way, maybe try a .380.
I'm certainly not going to insist he try a .357 magnum load - even if he wants to, I'll advise against it. I think the 1911 may be the upper level for him.
For a future date, I'll bring him to my regular outdoor range to shoot my BP guns - can't do that indoors ( the range with the rentals is indoors ).
Any other suggestions?
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