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I can compare

A Pietta 1873 Colt clone with an Uberti 1873 Colt clone (Cap and Ball cylinder) but you have to accept that I don't shoot as often as most of the other folks on the forum.

I found very little difference in the two revolvers. I sold both of these revolvers before I had shot a hundred rounds.

For the person who puts a lot of rounds through the revolver or who shoots for competition and demands a lot from a revolver, the differences in the two manufacturers may be more apparent.

I did not see it though.

As far as the other revolvers I own, the newer Piettas are quite good. I don't see a difference in the Uberti's that makes them worth the extra money.

I don't own and have never handled a Cimarron much so I can't speak to those revolvers.

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