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My only experience has been with cartridge revolvers, and that soley with Uberti. My first Uberti was ca. 1975 and imported by Iver Johnson. It was an extremely well made gun and nicely finished, but not made with shooting in mind. The front sight was waaaaay too short, and the firing pin cratered up the frame so that primers flowed back and tied up cylinder rotation.

I hasten to add that in the meantime, quality has improved in that respect so that Uberti's reputation surpassed that of Pietta, and Pietta got a pretty bad name. I understand now that restrictions imposed by the importers has led Pietta to look into quality control, and those who do shoot currently made Piettas compare them favorably to Ubertis.

Again, from word of mouth, not from my experience, Uberti quality fell slightly when taken over by Berretta, but now has been brought back up to standard.

For whatever its worth.

Bob Wright
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