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Originally Posted by CodyB65
As weird as this sounds, I want to keep it all original. Do you think I could send it to the smith and he can cut the barrel down? All I would have is a gap on the stock, worse case scenario.

Though if I was to go the route of rebarreling, I would actually have it match to the existing. Even down to the pumpkin (lack for a better term) where the rear sight sits.
The worst thing about setting back the barrel is that you'll have to open up the barrel channel of the stock for when the rear sight boss aka "pumpkin" is moved back. I think you'll be better off in this case to have the barrel contour duplicated and installed. However you'll want to find out what is causing your headspace issues, is it recoil lug setback or a oversized chamber, anyway good idea to get it to your smith.
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