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What I don't understand is that is seems to be a surprise to many.

In Fairbrian and Sykes book, Shooting To Live they mention being involved in over 400 shooting while fighting the gangs in Shanghai during the early 40s.

They talk of several incidents of a 1911 45 ACP being emptied into the chest of bandits which afterwards had to be subdued by pistol whipping them after the gun was empty.

Guns aren't magic. How many times have we see deer and other critters absorb a good hit in the vitals yet run a 100 yards of so before they go down. It's more common then not. And that is with a high powered rifle.

Sure their dead, but that doesn't stop them from running away.

The thing is its fear that puts people down more then the shot. They are surprised they're shot, afraid their hurt and stop doing what they were doing.

That's why "drugged up" bandits are harder to put down, not because they are tougher then others, its they don't have the mental capacity to realize they are hit or hurt and may die.
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