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Sho 'nuff

Yes, I also "love me some P95".

Despite the many minor drawbacks, it has many advantages that outweigh the negatives for my uses.

Adding the Hogue handall made a huge difference. Just love that pistol. It will be a sad day if Ruger decides to drop it from their line.

Seems to me the accuracy has a lot to do with the ammo being run through it. The groups were much better when I was testing HP rounds compared to run of the mill FMJ. Fiocchi 124gr FMJ seems to be about the best of the FMJ bunch in the P95 so far. Nice groups, close to what I get with Hornady HP.

About mags, the Mec-gar's fit&funtion fine. The base plate has a slightly larger gap to frame than the Ruger mags, but they have been 100% reliable for me.

I also have some pro-mag mags. Not so happy with those straight out of the box. The follower required some machining to get to full function(Fail To Feed on last round). Replaced another pro-mag follower with a follower from a ruger mag, and that also brought the pro-mag to full function. Good enough for plinking, but I suggest avoiding them for a duty pistol.
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