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I've got two, one with a scope, and the other with XS sights on it. Neither really like heavy bullets, due to the slow twist (1-38") as mentioned. MIne don't really like 240's all that much either. I actually get my best groups with 180's, XTP's, which are to fragile at carbine velocities, so I hunt XTP200's. I would really rather hunt a heavier .44 bullet, but the accuracy in my rifles is not there. But at the distances I take deer with the .44's, it doesn't matter all that much about bullet weight or accuracy. Some guys do much better with 240's but not in my case.

Use jacketed slugs, lead of any description may clog the gas port. The rifles are intended for mag ammo and specials are likely a prescription for frustration.

The rifles are very strong, but that does not mean you can hot rod one. Parts are not that easy to find, and they aren't making anymore! I've read several accounts where testing facilities commented back to Ruger just how very tough the receivers on those rifles were! Bill Ruger took one to Africa as a promotional, and shot some medium sized critters there, warthog, waterbuck, and hartebeest and a leopard, etc. A Ruger engineer named Harry Sefried worked with Ruger on the rifle and described them as "damned near indestructible" in "Ruger and his guns" by R>L> Wilson. The action is cut from a block of steel the "old fashioned way". HP White labs tried hard to blow one up and was much impressed with their strength. The book has 6-7 pages on comments on the .44 carbine. Ruger himself was pretty fond of it apparently.

Boomie, thanks for the links and the stock info!!!!!
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