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im laying on the ground when i make those shots , but typically
i use a variety of ammo , i noticed some differences

the lower grain 7.62x54r usually will do the best for accuracy at distance shooting as its lighter, i typically have to aim high right on irons to do a good group at center, but after shooting a bunch of mosins they normally are high shooters, i think i need a front sight adjuster but im not worried about it

i have a spotter whos got a range finder scope mounted on a tri pod that he brings when we do these type of shoots

mainly the ammo i use are

Brown bear 203 grn soft core for demonstrations with gel or water filled jugs and such (makes very nice explosion btw)
winchester is another that comes in a 180 grn but ive been having issues with the primer metal exploding backward lately, im thinking they are not making the primer metal strong enough (yes gaped my pin its fine) a guy at big 5 that i shoot with was saying something to the same extent , i think i had every 3rd round primer blowback on me in a box of 20

now mainly for distance id go and special order the match grade bullet
i usually use a 174 grn HPBT Sierra Match King for the long shots and if you want those tight groups id say it will cut the groups in half typically

another to try is the Prvi Partizan PPU 7.62x54R 182grn match grade ive heard some good news from it

but mainly your going to be looking at match ammo of a light grain, and its going to cost the same as a basic 30-06 ammo, so your still getting better ammo for same price when compared

i use a precision bipod on the front of my boyds stock, now that i have a grip bipod with steel legs im hoping that helps with those odd 2"s im getting

the surplus wont get much accuracy more than say a normal bullet thats not corrosive(but its easier to clean though....)

over the mosin has potential to be very accurate, its just time and work that must be put into it, im using bolt on parts with zero gunsmithing.

the one thing i noticed was when i swapped to the boyds stock and got the precision bipod i was doing nice tight groups, im hoping the archangels stock does better. when i get it i'll do a range shoot at 100 yrds with irons to get a feel, if its not worth it ill switch back to boyds and use the new stock on another mosin
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