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I am a huge CZ fan and have owned more CZ-75 variants than I can count. However, the SDP Compact and the rest of the Pro-Tek carry line are really nothing more than a tricked-out P01 (or PCR depending on model) at more than twice the price of the base version. I'm sure there's a market for them, but for that money you can build a true custom piece to your personal specifications, and have a few bills left for some nice leather to carry it.

When it comes down to it, all the current CZ-75 variants share the same limitations on concealability due to having a double-stack magazine. As I said, love them all but the whole family is on the chunky side especially for summer carry. Personally, my Dream Carry Gun would be a DA/SA CZ-75 Compact with alloy frame, no rail, and a single-stack magazine. Would obviously sacrifice capacity (8 vs 14 rds) but would shed significant bulk and weight. The end result would be something akin to the old Smith & Wesson 3913 but with CZ quality and design features. Now that's something I would stand in line for!
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