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I also have owned 'em all in regards to the ASM, Pietta and Uberti - have never owned a 2nd or 3rd Gen. Colt. Yes . . .some of them are nice but for what they bring price wise . . . well, I buy guns to shoot, not look at because they're too expensive to shoot.

Honestly, I've liked them all. I have a '61 Navy made by ASM that is beautiful - nice grips, great fit and finish . . . and yet I've seen some ASM pistols that weren't that good. The same goes for Pietta and Uberti.

I've owned a number of different makes of '51 Navies - at the present, I'm shooting a Uberti with a square back trigger guard. It's a nice pistol. On the other hand, I once was interested in getting a '49 Pocket (still am) and when I looked at several Ubertis at Cabelas, they were terrible. Gritty actions, poor lock-up, poor finish. . . . they were not well made at all. Who knows though . . . another day, another time, another store and I might have run across a Uberti '49 that was fantastic.

I currently have a Pietta .36 Navy (what is sold as a "Police"??) that is a great revolver - beautiful fit and finish, smooth action - I like it. Ive had several Piettas and they were nice revolvers.

I have a Euroarms Rogers & Spencer that is also very nice - good fit and finish, well made. Based on my experience with that pistol, I'd have no hesitation to get another Euroarms.

Personally, I think it all boils down to what you get when you buy it regardless of the make. All of the companies have put out some junk and they have also put out some fine revolvers. I've seen the same with "modern" handguns as well. When I buy a BP C & B, I much prefer to see it in person and check out what the pistol is rather than buying it sight unseen. That way, you know exactly what you're getting quality wise. Just my 2 cents . . .
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