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Canik Pistols

I started looking for a CZ75 last fall, but was put off by lack of guns in stock and the rising prices. I had read about the Turkish guns made by Canik which people were very happy with. I found my local Academy sports was selling the Tristar (Canik) C-100 for $350. When it went on sale for $300, I bought one. It closely resembles a CZ P-01. It is very accurate and well made. The DA trigger is heavy, but the S/A trigger is sweet. They let me dry fire it in the store and the S/A trigger sold me. I liked it so much, I recently bought it's big brother, the S-120 for $350. This is a close match to a CZ 75B. These guns are both black with a safety and no decocker. Academy also is selling a black Tristar T-100. Academy does not have online sales and won't transfer guns from store to store for you. They are located mostly in the South. Yesterday, my local Academy had all three models, but the website has just stopped showing all 3 models and only the C-100 remains.

I don't shoot competitively, but the C-100 has made me a much better pistol shot. I am still breaking in the S-120, but it seems to be a great gun as well. I think these are world class weapons which are currently undervalued because they are made in Turkey, by a manufacturer that is not a household name. There is a lot of information on the CZ forum "" clone club section concerning the Caniks, Tanfoglio, and other "clones" of the CZ75. Some of the discussions there involve people active in IDPA, gunsmithing, and custom upgrades of Caniks. You may want to take the time to read through them.
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