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Get ready for Freddy...

As I posted to another TFLer, I highly doubt handgun round prices or hand-loading/reloading equipment prices will fall back to pre-12/2012 rates due to a # of factors. Increases in production costs, raw materials, marketing/PR/legal affairs, S/H, taxes, etc may cause these prices to stay 10-20% higher even if things go back to "normal" .

There is a video on of a few gun shop employees explaining how the logistics/sales process works. They(the gun shops & sporting goods store mgrs) have major problems with ammunition/shooting industry reps re: delivery, production, prices, etc.
These dist firms pass on the increases to the small business owners who in turn must jack up their prices to the customer(gun owners).
It's hard to believe these major companies like Corbon, Winchester, ATK, Hornady, etc can't meet the new demands but they are still way behind in 05/2013.

Prices may come down but won't be like $9.00-$12.00 USD for a box of 50rd 9x19mm .38spl .45acp .22LR etc.
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