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I agree regarding price. BUT the Canik Shark with the ported barrel is sooo cool!

We have two! Well almost two. My GF bought one not long ago, she wanted a 9mm without much recoil and it seemed to have promise. The gun is a dream! We were both banging mostly the same hole at 50-75 feet. It is definitely more accurate than either of us.

I liked it so much I ordered a chrome finish one about two weeks ago when they came into stock.

And then my mini-nightmare began. Sigh.

My new Canik Shark arrived a few days later, whatever some people say Bud's has always shipped promptly for me. The guns finish was perfect! A work of art. Everything cycled. I LOVED it!

Then, wait a minute, "What's wrong with the end of the frame? That looks odd."

The frame was sticking out about 1/16 of an inch past the slide in front. And the slide fit in back was off too. We stripped the gun thinking it was something hanging the slide up from going all the way forward. Everything looked right, no burrs or odd hunks of metal. But the slide and frame would NOT even out at the barrel end.

It's like either the slide is cut short or the frame slightly long. At any rate it looks WEIRD! IMHO it should not have left the factory looking like that. It's not like some slides not quite fitting flush at the hammer end, this thing looks like a couple of forks sticking out the front of the gun. I'm not even sure it could holster without getting hung up.

So I sent it back. I am currently waiting for the replacement.

Bud's has been very responsive so far. They emailed me a return label the next day (I messaged them at night) and I shipped it back Friday. They got the gun today, so I'm assuming the replacement will ship tomorrow or Wednesday (or they will be getting another call ).

Be aware that Bud's offers a "Davidson's" like unconditional guaranty on the Caniks. They will replace, repair or refund any gun you are not 100% happy with. And so far they have stood by their policy with me with no issues.

I have seen 5 other Caniks locally and ALL the rest have been visually PERFECT - and $150 more than Buds! Seriously, one shop is getting $600 for the blued ones! I think my experience with the machining was just a fluke. I hope so.

I'm not sure what will happen parts wise down the road, but I understand CZ 75 mags fit the Shark and some internal parts are the same.

I've heard of customer service issues with EAA, and you can't buy either an EAA or a CZ with a cool ported barrel! I'll let you know how my new one shoots when I finally get to use it!
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