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The lower the profile I can maintain, the happier I am. OC is legal in Kentucky without a license (I don't like the term "permit", it sounds servile), and we are a shall-issue state. I live in a metro area of a million people. I could legally carry openly. I could also go out in public dressed as a two-toed sloth. Either would attract attention I don't want. I'll carry concealed in the city.

Unfortunately, many of the people I see practicing OC are Wally World commandos: full camo, large handguns in holsters with little if any retention capability, lots of swagger and loud talk. Their attitude seems to be, "I do this because I can, and if you don't like it, what are you going to do about it?" These people are not helping our cause.

Carry openly if you wish, and if you aren't doing it to parade your machismo. This crippled-up old man will stay unobtrusive and hope not to have to use his gun.
"Don't let macho be your epitaph."
---Ed Lovette
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