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Bedbug- great post. Thanks. You bring up some things I need to brush up on. And believe me, I'm a big supporter of capitalism. Best system ever developed by mankind. My only concern is when private enterprise over charges the government which is really just the guys like us that pay taxes. Very cool that you have been able to trace your heritage.
And I'd have to say that a civil war would be people of the same country fighting each other, no such thing has happened in American history, there was though a bloody conflict between the USA and the CSA............two sovereign nations. But that's another story.
Gringo- yes, that makes sense. Limit firepower and have ammo for the next battle.

Hawg- I seen that stated many times in regard to the 1860s right through modern times. And it does hold value. An army that wastes any supplies is bound to fail. However, if I was the guy in the trenches, I'd say I would prefer the repeater.
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