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Originally Posted by Mausermolt
either way OC in Portland area = Bad juju for youyou
I lived in SE for a while... trust me I know. The self righteous there can be brutal, if you show up with a gun they will protest you out, if you show up naked (not kidding here) they will praise you and protest any police that showed up to question you. I don't know about the guy OCing you mentioned, but recently in protest to some of the gun control legislation some guys walked around with their AR15's in protest or not they were allowed to carry on despite schools in lockdown and 911 flooded with calls. (news reported they had CHL's)

So far, everything I read says its legal with a CHL with a possible huge grey area regarding OCing on the Portland Streetcar and some very confusing place called an "Illegal Firearm Use Hotspot"...
Streetcar source: 14A.110.280 Weapons
Hotspot source: 14A.90.010(b)

regardless, I have no plans on OCing in Suburbia or downtown. It's obviously more acceptable in rural areas and what is good to learn from this thread though especially in those places its not a big deal, as well as learn one can transition to OC without ramifications.... or not worry about switching to a lighter shirt in hotter weather.

Now what would be interesting to read is those that OC in downtown and the reactions etc.
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