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I know that this is going against everything ever written on this board and in cap 'n ball gun books, but I own both a 2nd Gen Colt 1860 and a 3rd Gen Colt Signature Series Colt 1860 and the Signature series is a better gun. The 2nd Gen model has cleaner engraving on the cylinder, but the Signature Series pistol has a smoother action, and is more accurate than the 2nd Gen pistol.

I have also owned Euro Arms and Uberti Remington '58s over the years but my Pietta Remington made in 1999, is by far a better made piece. Luck of the draw I guess.

P.S. My first cap 'n ball pistol was a brass framed .36 Navy that I bought in 1969. Seems like a lot of us started with those.
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