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Pistol was delivered today by the brown truck. It wasn't in as good a shape as I expected. It had been shot - and not cleaned - but, since it is stainless, it came clean real easy. It had obviously been dry fired and played with - a lot. Most of the safety pins on the cylinder are hammered flat and a couple of the nipples show definite mushrooming. Even so, timing and lock-up are right on the money. If this had been a blued gun, the barrel would have been a disaster. Numerous scratches on the barrel, a couple of them kinda deep. Guess I'll have to break out the buffing wheel.

Had to knock the wedge out with a brass wedge remover & hammer. Stone all four sides of it to get it to fit better. It's still tight; but shooting it this weekend should loosen it up some. I did not do a complete disassembly. Even though it had been shot and not cleaned, the action did not appear to be fouled, and it cycled just fine.

Even with all this, it is in very good shape and will be used in CAS match this coming weekend along with its brother the rebated SS Uberti 1860.

Besides, when is the last time anyone saw - much less handled - a Stainless Steel, Uberti 1860 Army???
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