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Some were made, that could fit in the bolt hole of the stock, but the problem is, that the mercury and lead shot ones have to be mounted uphill, with the nose up toward the frame. The weight, with two opposing springs, was supposed to counter this, and allow for easier installation. The other two required a new bored hole in the stock, at the correct angle, unless the bolt hole ran uphill while the gun was held. Plus, if you shot vertically, they didn't work hardly at all, so some bird shots are out.

Winchester came up with the sliding stock, that used a shock absorber setup, and I think you can get a stock mechanism similar to it now.

According to what gun you want to install it on, they make one that will replace the magazine tube cap, for some auto and pump guns. You might try one of these, to see how you like it, before boring a stock to install one.
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