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Originally Posted by mjes92
Any words of caution when mailing a non-restricted rifle to a FFL?
Yes; other than what Aguila and Armorer already stated, be aware that the postal definition of a "short-barreled rifle" and/or "firearm... capable of being concealed on the person" is subtly different from the NFA definition and other familiar federal definitions in an important way.

The postal regs define a "short-barreled rifle" as...
...any weapon made from a rifle (by alteration or modification) resulting in an overall length of less than 26 inches.
(emphasis mine)

IOW the rifle must be at least 26" long as mailed. Do NOT disassemble it to fit into a smaller package; your attempt to save on shipping costs could land you in hot water! This is particularly important with modular firearms such as AR's.
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