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I used to open carry in Eastern Oregon and Idaho before i was eligible for my CHL. but i didnt do it alot. over in idaho i would get alot flak in wal-mart so i just stopped altogether. i dont really like explaining to people if "i had a license" or if i thought i was Rambo. it just gets annoying so i waited till i was 21 and got the permit, now its concealed for me all the time. unless im hunting or out in the bush of course.

Koda your probably close to Portland right? my brother lives in Gresham and he heard on the news where a guy got arrested in Portland for OC(even though he had a CC permit) they charged him with disturbing the peace and one other thing i dont remember. not sure if he was causing a muck or the PPD overreacted.

either way OC in Portland area = Bad juju for youyou
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