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Looking to buy a .308

Originally Posted by Truckn14269 View Post
Kimbers are fine rifles don't get me wrong... But most of their rifles weigh 5-6 lbs. a bit light for what I had in mind for this go around. I want a rugged and dependable gun, I'm not keying on aesthetics this time just proven reliability when it counts most... Yes I know there are a few rifles that fit the bill on this one... But ask any dangerous game hunter what type of rifle they would use if they had their choice if they were staring down the barrel at a lion or Cape buffalo (yes a little exaggerated). They will tell you something with a Mauser style action and a substantial extractor claw.... And that narrowed it down for me to my 4 rifles I have in mind including the Hawkeye Sporter.
Their guns are certainly light, but I wouldn't write them off... The Montana's are a Kevlar stock w Mauser action... I've beat the tar out of mine and they still function flawlessly....

I too have some 84L & M classics that shoot great but like you I'm half scared to scratch them... They're a beautiful piece of wood though.
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