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Ruger changed from matte blue to polished blue about a year ago. I actully liked the matte blue better, but there were enough complaints and Ruger responded.

I live in GA and know what you mean. All of my bolt rifles are in synthetic stocks because of the humidity and POI changes and I prefer SS as well. I prefer to upgrade mine with McMillan, but most of the factory stocks are just fine. Laminated is just barely better than walnut and weighs a ton. I wouldn't have a laminated stock.

For your uses I'd try to find one of these if it were my money.

Street price isn't much more than a Ruger. You already have a nice walnut/blue rifle in the Supergrade. Might as well go all the way with a true all weather, do anything, anywhere tough rifle. This way you have 2 Winchesters, everything operates exactly the same.
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